6 Must Read Books For Caregivers


Why is it so hard to be a caregiver?

The world can be a difficult place for people, even more so if they deal with illnesses or ailments that hamper their ability to engage in meaningful tasks that allow them to move forward with their lives. People with certain conditions especially require the care of others, to help them in their day-to-day lives to make their existence a bit more enjoyable and somewhat easier. Life doesn’t exactly become perfect for them, but at the same time, it can be a bit less difficult.

Imagine this scenario: as an individual, you are tasked with taking care of someone close to you. The problem is they’ve developed a disease or a disorder that prevents them from taking care of themselves. The person in question could be really old or someone who went through an accident and is now in a state of being bedridden. You, the person living with them, have to take care of them and ensure that their health is accounted for. How do you proceed to do this? Do you devote a significant portion of your time, mental health, energy and money to take care of this person? Do you hire someone to do it for you, or do you just let them be? Obviously, most people would prefer to help someone who is important to them. This creates a new dynamic in the relationship. Firstly, this person that you are caregiving for, is now completely dependent on you, which creates a strain on your existing relationship. When you take care of someone, it’s not exactly the easiest job in the world. The person might also feel more upset than usual at their own predicament, and thus, their discomfort will make you unhappy as well, adding to the stress you find yourself in.

There have been many occasions where caregivers have felt burnt out or broken from the stress of being with someone who needs constant attention. Resentment is a common problem, and depression too, because at the end of the day, it’s a stressful job and doing it perfectly does not come easy to anyone.

As a result of the fundamental understanding that being a caregiver is a difficult job, we have decided to indulge you with a list of books that should ease you into the journey of being a caregiver if you find yourself in the predicament described above, then these books will surely help you provide and take care of the person in need.

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6 Must Read Books for Caregivers

We have devised a list of caregiver books to help people understand what it means to be a caregiver and to provide for someone else when they are in need of your care, whether it could be due to a tragic accident, a cancer diagnosis or anything else. These caregiver books are designed to aid you on your journey.

A Husband’s Guide to Hands-On Caregiving: Hard-Earned Lessons for Men—and Women—Caring for a Loved One at Home By Patrick Palmer

When you need to take care of someone, what you need the most is practical advice. Patrick Palmer’s book provides just that. The book reflects on his journey as a primary caregiver for his wife, who suffered from stage IV brain cancer, and this greatly impacted his entire life. He developed this book as a result of not being able to find any information on being a caregiver. The book also provides information pertaining to the emotional roller coaster that comes with being a caregiver and the stress that it adds to people’s lives.

Are You Prepared to be a Caregiver?: a collection of experiences to prepare you in the event that you become a caregiver at home – including during a global health crisis. By Patrick Palmer

Another great caregiver book by Patrick Palmer explains how you can better become a caregiver at home, especially if you find one or more of your loved ones suffering from a disease or ailment that leaves them stuck and helpless. The book addresses the topic in a respectful and understanding manner.

The Healing of a Caregiver: The Road to Acceptance and Recovery From the Loss of a Loved One By Patrick Palmer

This book by Patrick Palmer deals with the mental health of caregivers as they find themselves becoming more and more stressed and frustrated with the problems of being a caregiver and dealing with the person that they are caring for.

The Conscious Caregiver: A Mindful Approach to Caring for Your Loved One Without Losing Yourself By Linda Abbit

A caregiver requires patience and understanding, tenderness, selflessness and hard work. This book provides the information that you can utilize to be a better caregiver for the person that you are caring for.

A Bittersweet Season: Caring for Our Aging Parents—And Ourselves By Jane Gross

This is a great caregiver book that discusses how to care for aging parents who can no longer function the same way they once could. It aims to guide you into becoming a better carer for your parents and the potential problems and setbacks that come along the way.

The Peaceful Caregiver: From Stressed to Blessed (The Heart of the Caregiver)

A caregiver book that provides instructions from the scripture to help explain how to take care of someone who is under your care. It’s well written and the explanations are succinct and will be helpful to you.


Caregiver books can help guide you on the path to understanding and becoming a better caregiver, as well as allowing you to process the trauma and stress that comes from trying to be a caregiver.

The Healing of a Caregiver by Patrick Palmer