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Following the death of his wife, Angela, from brain cancer, Patrick Palmer journaled his caregiving experience as a way to assist himself in the grieving process. Having been the primary caregiver for fifty-three months, he decided to expand his journaling by writing three books. They are about his personal journey and are meant to help others who may or will be facing the challenge of caregiving for a loved one.

People need to be taken care of in one way or the other. Generally, people seek out relationships where they find care, and then there are people who seek out different forms of care or comfort. However, certain individuals have more needs that have to be catered to. These needs can arise from many different circumstances: an unforeseen medical condition, such as cancer, can be one, and old age can be another. This journey is not straightforward, as one might stumble and encounter obstacles. In certain moments, assistance cannot be overstated. Patrick Palmer utilizes his own life experiences, allowing him to craft a practical guide for care giving as well as providing insights into the healing process for caregivers themselves. Patients require support and affection that much is understood. However, so do the caregivers, which is what Patrick tries to address in his book. His caregiving books are recommended for people who are in the role of a caregiver, teaching them how to provide and how to heal themselves because taking care of someone suffering from cancer, for example, can be difficult. His books are a great read and very insightful, as Patrick Palmer is one of the leading experts in the field of caregiving literature. These books provide one the knowledge they need to be better as caregivers and to also help them heal.

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